The Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger have found a way to get into the competition for the AFC North. The Steelers beat the Browns and they take on the Baltimore Ravens next.

Pittsburgh had very little problems beating Cleveland and Roethlisberger added another notch in his belt for beating the Browns. He has beat Cleveland 16 times in his career and only lost 2 times.

The Steelers did it by establishing the run early on a cold day off the coast of lake Erie. The Steelers who many didn’t think had a rushing game ran for 85 yards against the team that said no one is going to run on us.

Once the Steelers had the run going, Big Ben opened his passing attack. he threw the ball 34 times and completed 22 of those passes for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns.

One of those touchdowns was a perfectly thrown pass over the head of Cleveland corner-back Joe Haden who many think is the best Corner in the NFL.

Ben had no problem challenging Haden, and he won the challenge as well as the game.  The Brows were no match for the Steelers and this team is going to be up for the game against the Ravens this Thursday.

Roethlisberger and his Steelers may have an up hill climb ahead of them, but I would say the Steelers are in charge of the AFC North again and if they continue to play the way they are playing new, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take this division.

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