The game everyone wants to see is just 2 days away. Two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, in the AFC Championship game. What more could you ask for?

The first thing you could ask for, is the Broncos to make sure they don’t hand the game to the New England Patriots. In their last battle, that is exactly what happened. As Peyton Manning stood helplessly on the sidelines, he watched as the Broncos special teams play made things easier for Brady and the New England Patriots.

Don’t count on that happening again. This game is too important for the Broncos. You can bank on the fact they will be aware of what happened during the regular season and they won’t make the same mistakes come Sunday.

Manning knows you don’t get many chances when you’re playing the Patriots, and he and his Broncos teammates will be on their toes for this one. The only thing standing between the Broncos and the Super Bowl, is one win.

Denver has to play a smart game. By now you can bank on the fact that Manning and his Broncos have watched the game film numerous times. The Broncos defense has to be ready to stop the run and stop the passing attack Brady is capable of producing.

Manning called Bill Belichick one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL this week. Belichick all ready starting coaching for the AFC Championship game last week.

When many thought they would see another one of Brady’s passing attacks, the Patriots reverted to the run. They know it isn’t going to be easy going into the Mile High stadium.

Now, the Broncos need to be ready to both stop Brady’s passing attack and stop the run.

Manning will be ready to do his part.

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