Ryan Tannehill didn’t have the same success in week 2 of his young N.F.L. career that we saw in week one. Tannehill was sacked 3 times by the Panthers defense. He would complete only 11 out of the 23 passes he threw and only hit his receivers on the short route. Tannehill had a 4.3 yard per pass average. The Dolphins offensive line needs to get better to buy the young quarterback some time to get the job done. The Panthers brought the pressure to Tannehill and it ended up cost the young quarterback some time on his back.

For young guys like Ryan Tannehill I thin one of the biggest changes in making the transition from College to the NFL is learning how to deal with the pressure. The speed of the NFL defense is greater than in their college days. The Miami Dolphins who were hoping to have a better year this season are going to have to protect their quarterback. On the bright side Tannehill didn’t show signs of panic and throw the ball into a turnover.


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