One day of practice with the New England Patriots and people are already starting to pick on Tim Tebow. Is this fair? The guy has just got there and he can clearly help this team play football. With the arrest of Hernandez and the back surgery Gronk went under, The Patriots are missing 2 of their best weapons for Brady to throw to.

Tebow showed he can catch a pass from Brady and he showed he is still able to run well with the football. New England should be patient with Tebow and give him some time to adjust to his new situation.

He could have had a case of nerves in practice yesterday. He is playing with one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Brady doesn’t take a back seat to anyone when it comes to playing QB. Tebow knows that and he probably was a little nervous.

What the Patriots are going to do with Tebow is anyone’s guess. They are led by one of the greatest football minds of all time. Bill Belichick doesn’t let much out of the bag and he isn’t one to jump to quick decisions.

He’ll know what he is going to do with Tebow soon enough. He could use him at tight end seeing how the Patriots have a shortage at the position. Lets all give Tebow a few practices to settle in on the Patriots team before we send him packing. He may surprise a few people soon.

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