Recently Tiger Woods thought he would like to re-marry his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Why would Tiger Woods want to put up a 200 million dollar pre-nup to remarry his ex-wife. Better question why would Nordegren want to put her self through another marriage to Tiger Woods? Nordegren reportedly said she need a 350 million dollar pre-nup to re-marry Woods. The fact is Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major golf tournament since 2008 when he won his last U.S. Open.

Could Tiger Woods be thinking is he re-married his former wife he could win again on the Major stage? Woods has been close to winning another major. He just hasn’t been able to string 4 rounds of good golf together. I find it a bit strange with all the women Tiger Woods has had, that he would want to hook up with Nordegren again. After all, it has already cost Woods 750 million dollars to divorce Nordegren the first time.

Is Woods trying to go for a billion? Maybe Woods has come to his senses and realized what he did was wrong. His original explanation for having an extramarital affair was he thought he deserved it.  Woods proved when he got caught cheating that he wasn’t a man of his word. Why would he keep his word the second time around if he were to re-marry Nordegren? One thing we know is a Tiger never chances his strips. To think Woods would be any different if he were to remarry his former wife is just crazy.

I really don’t think it would help Woods to win a major ether. Something has touched Tiger Woods into thinking he should remarry Nordegrean. What it is, I couldn’t tell you. Somehow I think it will surface sooner or later. News about Woods often does.

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