Jamarcus Russell has the label of the worst bust in an NFL draft since Ryan Leaf. Does he really think any NFL team is going to take a chance and bring him in as their quarterback. Russell is doing what he can to show NFL teams that he is taking his return seriously.

He just dropped 50lbs and he is down to 265. There aren’t any 265lbs quarterbacks in the NFL that I can think of. Maybe Russell would be better suited to play arena football. The guy is going to have to prove he can play at a NFL level in order for a team to pick him up.

How is Russell going to be able to do that if no team will pick him up. The Raiders would have been a great fit for him. They took a chance on him once but reports are there are too many bridges burned in Oakland for a Russell return.  Who else in their right mind would pick this guy up?

Tebow has a better chance of signing with an NFL team than Russell has. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

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