The NBA is being funny, can you imagine how bad LeBron James must be feeling having to pay out $5,000.00. This is a joke, this is not going to stop the flopping. James came out and said, he thinks the flop is a useful tool. As long as LeBron see the value in flopping, he is gong to do it.

When the NBA came out and fined the three players for flopping today, they should have hit them with more than a #5,000.00 fine. This is the play offs the games mean more and so should the fines.  $5,000.00 to a guy like LeBron James has to be the same as a penny to a homeless person.

James probably makes that in a matter of minutes just on interest. The guy spends more than five grand on partying I’ll bet. If the NBA is going to fine one of its star players, why not make it hurt a little. Otherwise this is a joke to guys like James. Does Stern really think a fine this small is going to stop these guys from flopping.

James and the rest of the Miami players are probably laughing their asses off. Five grand, that’s a good one….. Come on Stern, grow a set will ya….

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