If you scan the pages of this country’s cultural interactions you’ll see that references made by Caucasians to Blacks’ eating habits have frequently been uttered derisively–of which Fuzzy Zoeller’s remarks were an obvious (and hardly an exclusive) case in point.

The fact that Sergio Garcia turned around and made the same (unwitting?) off-color remark after Zoeller was reprimanded for his poor taste shows that Sergio has a short memory and needs a refresher course in sensitivity training.

If the situation was transposed and Blacks were the dominant socio-economic (and racial) group who subjugated whites and other ethnic groups for 400 years and then made white cuisine and food choices the butt of their jokes from time to time it might be a bit easier to understand why Blacks get sensitive when other racial groups mention pancakes or chicken or watermelon in contexts that aren’t necessarily condign

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