Who does Oscar Pistorius think he is kidding with I thought she was an intruder? The man shot Reeva Steenkamp 4 times. They have been involved with each other for some time. How long would it take for someone to  identify the person they supposedly loved? I think the average person would be able to recognize their  girlfriend in a matter of seconds. Why would he shot her 4 times? He had to see who this person was. Why didn’t he give her a warning before he started to shoot her? Don’t you think if he had said something she would have identified herself?

The Pistorius owned guns and he spent time at the shooting range form time to time. He even tweeted a photo of himself at a shooting range in November 2011, bragging about his score. The man said he had a 96% head-shot accuracy. How do you focus on a head and not see who you are shooting?

This guy has something to hide and the South African authorities are doing the proper thing filing murder charges against Pistorius. Many people around the world are in complete shock with the fact the double amputee has committed what could indeed be murder.

Police spokesperson Captain Sarah Mcirca also confirmed that the victim was shot in the arm and the head, USA Today reported. I still think for a guy who is this good with a hand gun, had to know who he was shooting. People who shoot this accurately have time to see who or what they are shooting.


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