Lets face it, Joe Flacco is a good quarterback. With out a doubt he is above average. Is he the best playing in the NFL? No. Should he be the highest paid NFL quarterback for the next few years? No. Joe Flacco had a great year. The question you have to ask yourself when evaluating how much the Ravens should pay him, is, Does Flacco have the tools to be the best NFL quarterback in the game today? Is he better than Tom, Brady, Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick or even Russell Wilson who just finished his rookie season? If you answered no, then why should the Baltimore Ravens pay Joe Flacco 20 million dollars a year to play for the team?

None of those quarterbacks listed above make that kind of money. Brady just took a pay cut to become more cap friendly and he sure the heck is better than Joe Flacco. The agents and the players are going to price this game of football out of people touch soon. How many people can’t afford to go to a game now? This has to stop. You cannot pay a guy 2 million dollars a year to play football simply because he won one Super Bowl.

Tell us what you think. Should Joe Flacco be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL? Leave your thoughts below…..

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