First we saw David Stern wanting to fine teams for sitting their key players, now we see bad calls not being overturned in the Cleveland Cavaliers verse the Miami Heat game on Wednesday night. It was clear by the replay that the ball went out-of-bounds off the hand of LeBron James, yet the Miami Heat gained possession after the refs made the wrong call. They have replay and anyone who saw it, could tell it was James that last touched the ball before it went out-of-bounds.

It was a close game and it was in the final seconds that the bad call took place. The game was close and the Heat were on a 23 game winning streak. They were in trouble, the Cavaliers were playing the Heat tough all night long. The Heat would go on to win the game by just 3 points.

Could this be the work of Stern controlling the out comes of the game? Having the Heat extend their streak to 24 in a row is big for the NBA. It isn’t that often you see a team go on a 24 game win streak and how would it have looked if a team like Cleveland ended the streak?

Why have replay if you are still going to make a bad call? The NBA officials surely got the call wrong. It a close game with the streak on the line, we are left wondering if the games are controlled by the refs. With a game on the line and the use of replay, bad calls shouldn’t be taking place when the game is on the line. That is if Stern doesn’t want the outcome to go a certain way.



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