The last thing Colin Kaepernick needs is a distraction before the biggest game of his life next weekend. Now, his Biological Mom wants to meet him. Do you think that his fame with the 49ers has anything to do with his mother reaching out to him?

Heidi Russo who was 19-years-old when Colin was born gave him up for adoption saying she couldn’t provide for her son. Now that Colin is famous and is on his way to the Super Bowl she wants to meet him. Is this a way of getting Colin to provide something for her? Why would she wait all this time to try and get a meeting? Is this going to create an unnecessary distraction for Kaepernick? Why wouldn’t Russo wait until the Super Bowl was over before trying to reach out to her biological son?

Something seems odd, this is not the right time in Kaepernick’s life for this to happen. He is facing the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 47 and now his mom is reaching out to him. If she cared about her son, she would have waited until his football business was completed. This is nothing short of a distraction Kaepernick didn’t need. I wonder if he worked in a car wash if his mom would still want this meeting.



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