Reports are coming out about Chip Kelly having a meeting with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Does Kelly really think he is going o has success with the Eagles with Michael Vick playing quarterback? Vick had a terrible 2012 season, he missed a large amount of  time with a concussion.  Vick is not the same guy he was earlier in his career. He has shown it may be time to get out of the NFL. Vick made a ton of bad decisions during the games he played in and it was his poor play that led to the firing of Andy Reid. Now with Chip Kelly coming into Philadelphia, he better consider getting a guy who can run his high-powered offense.

Vick is not that guy. He isn’t as fast as he was and he doesn’t throw the ball like he once did. Vick’s time as an elite has come and gone. Reports are coming out that Vick will not cut his salary.  Vick’s time with the Eagles might be coming to an end. Chip Kelly is known to be a control freak and with Vick not willing to make any concessions, it will be interesting to see how long he will last with the Eagles. Will Kelly find success in the NFL? Only time will tell. Without the speed and throwing accuracy of the type of quarterback needed to run the Chip Kelly offense, his first season with the Eagles just might be a bust.

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  1. me

    He talked to Vick..Stiffle it wannabe reporter.

    • LG

      What did he say to Vick? Goodbye..

  2. Duane

    Andy Reid got himself fired not Michael Vick. Reid made a ton of suspect decisions including hirings, signings, game plans, play calling, clock management etc. accompany that with being the head coach of a demanding fan base for fourteen extremely long years and that’s your answer why Reid got fired. He was no longer effective in his role as head coach of the eagles and it was time to move one. I’m not defending Vicks play over the last two years because it hasn’t been “elite” however with all the above reasons and the fact that we had a make shift O line, I find it hard to believe any NFL Quarterback could have succeeding under center for the eagles

  3. CMD

    Reid got himself fired by making tons of questionable decisions especially over the last couple years. Reid’s hiring,play calling, signings, clock management, timeouts etc. are what lost him his job not Vick. Vicks play has not been up to par the last 2 seasons but with the disaster that was the O line I find it hard to believe any elite NFL quarterback could succeed under center for the eagles


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