John Idzik’s first day at the Jets facility was spent putting out fires. It seems like Darrelle Revis is upset about possible trade rumors. That is and has been part of the problem with the New York Jets under Rex Ryan as the team’s head coach, there have been far too many rumors over the past few years. If Idzik is going to turn the Jets into a contender, he has to hire a head coach that can control his team. Ryan isn’t that guy. He  is too soft and he has lost this team year after year. Rex Ryan lets his players create far too much tension within the team.

If Idzik is going to turn things around for the Jets, the first things he should consider is getting a head coach that can control his players. Ryan is the type of guy who rolls with the punches instead of delivering a few of his own. If Ryan was in a heavyweight fight he would be knock right out of the ring. To be successful in the NFL you need a certain amount of toughness, Ryan is not the guy to lead by example.

Good luck to Idzik turning things around in New York. As long as he has Rex Ryan as the head coach he will be mentally challenged.

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