There is no way we can really believe that Gregg Williams is sorry for his role in Bounty Gate. The guys that played under Williams who I have spoken to said they never really did anything wrong. They did admit to collecting pools of money and making pay outs for outstanding hits, but never would they try to deliberately hurt anyone. This is NFL football, you tackle the guy with the ball and if you hit him hard enough to knock the ball loose and your team recovers it will good for you. Williams knows that, he was a great defensive coach telling his guys to do the things that great defensive coaches tell their guys.

Why should Williams be sorry? He is only saying the things that a guy like Goodell wants to hear. In other words if he didn’t offer his apology he might not have been allowed back into the  NFL to do what he loves to do, coach defense. If anyone truly thinks Williams is sorry for the way he coached his defenses, you are sadly mistaken. In his mind that is the way the game is played. He knows this isn’t powder puff football and know that he is going to be back  with the Titans, we should look for a better defense in 2013..

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