It is hard to believe that Colin Kaepernick is only in his second year with the San Fransisco 49ers. During the 2013 pro bowl when Kaepernick was interviewed you could tell he is ready to get his first Super Bowl start under way. The guy knows what it is going to take to go out and beat the Ravens. Kaepernick was asked if starting his first Super Bowl had him nervous, he response was no. He said we have had 2 weeks to get ready to play the Ravens in the Super Bowl, in that amount of time you should know your game plan and you should be able to go out on the field and execute it.

That is exactly why Harbaugh made Kaepernick his starting quarterback after Alex Smith sustained a concussion. Kaepernick played each game with the same cool he is approaching the Super Bowl with. The kid is confident in his abilities and confident in the 49ers coaches game plan. He has faith that his teammates will be well prepared and with Kaepernick at the helm they better be ready. Kaepernick is going to put on a great Show in Super Bowl 47. The guy not only is confident, he is a great leader for his 49ers team. He leads by example and shows the kind of skills it is going to take to beat the Ravens. This Sunday we are in for one hell of a great game. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see Kaepernick take to the field in Super Bowl 47.



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