By Larry GLicken

Wasn’t it just 2 days ago when Tiger Woods told his good friend Notah Begay he couldn’t play in his charity event due to back problems? It is amazing how good Woods back is feeling today. He showed up to play in the pro-am in Boston before the next FedEx Cup play off starts at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The Golf Channel even had a camera watching for Woods to make his way to the practice tees. He warmed up and appeared pain free. Then when he went to the tee to meet his amateur playing partners, which included New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, one of the asked Woods about his back and Tiger told him his back was fine.

If Tiger is in this great of shape today, than why couldn’t he help his old friend Natah Begay out yesterday? Is it because it was a charity event and Tiger wasn’t going to be paid? It seems a little strange that Woods is healed today and couldn’t play yesterday.

Anyone who has suffered a back problem, knows this doesn’t usually clear up in 24 hours. The Deutsche Bank Championship benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation. Could this have something to do with Tigers willingness to play this week? He already missed an even earlier this season because of an elbow problem that supports his foundation.

Woods has had health problems over the past 10 PGA seasons. At his age, he will be lucky to be healthy enough to break the record for most majors won. Being pain free on Thursday after stiffing his friend on Wednesday seems a little odd…

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