This season the umpires have been terrible in Major League Baseball. Now we are left wondering if the umpire coast Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish his no-hitter. Darvish pitched great, he should have had a no-hitter but it looked like the ump made a bad call.

I am convinced the umps have blown some calls this season. There is little doubt that they helped the Astros blow the no-hitter Darvish should have had. Darvish pitched the game of his life so far. He stuck out a season high and career high 15 batters.

It was a home run in the 8th coming off the bat of Carlos Corporan that ended the Darvish perfect game. He took it in stride and said; a win is a win and I am glad to be part of this one.

The Texas Rangers are on a wining streak and they have won their last 8 games. Darvish isn’t the type of player that is going to cry about an umps bad call. When a no hitter is on the line the umps should be sure to get the calls right.

Texas is now 1 game ahead of the A’s in first place in the west. If they can continue to play the kind of baseball they are playing now, post season play is in their future.

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  1. Anonymous

    Typos by journalists in frequent sight lately, too. “No we are left…”? Borderline pitch. A disappointing but not really blown call.

  2. Anonymous

    same as above comment but “if the umpire coast Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish his no-hitter”


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