With the recent arrest of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, we have to wonder what drove him back to allegedly drinking. Lets have a look at the time line of events in Irsay’s life, shall we? On September 18th 2013, the Indianapolis Colts gave up a first round draft pick to acquire Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns.

It wasn’t long after that, Irsay took to twitter to brag about the dynasty he was building in Indy. Then within weeks of the trade, Irsay felt compelled to talk about not drinking for 15 years. Irsay did however at the time, talk about his addiction to pain killers.

The date of Irsay’s tweet about not drinking was October 21st 2013, just a little over a month from the time of the trade. After watching the way Richardson ran the ball, Irsay probably felt like having a drink. God knows, he could have used some pain killers too.

Richardson was indeed, painful to watch. The pressures of owning the Colts could have gotten to Jim Irsay. With his recent arrest Sunday night, something had to trigger his problems. It could have been the fact, he put his foot in his mouth. Who knows, only Jim Irsay can tell us where he went wrong.

Now faced with punishment from the NFL, Irsay better find a way to get some help. He looked like crap in his mug-shot. It’s clear to see he is could be spinning out of control. Knowing he gave up a first round pick for a guy that should be labeled a bust, can’t be helpful to the big mouth Colts owner.


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