Many people are saying that the Baltimore Ravens got away with a serious case of holding with 1:50 left to play in the Super Bowl. Some say Smith may have won the game for the Ravens. Jim Harbaugh is still upset the Refs didn’t call holding and extend the 49ers drive. Should a call like that be reviewed? Should Jimmy Smith be able to just grab a hold of Michael Crabtree and not let him go? Would the pass be caught for a touchdown reversing history and given the 49ers the win in Super Bowl 47?

There sure is a lot of what ifs., could of and would of in this statement.  The Ravens were bringing a lot of pressure to Kaepernick, there is no guarantee that Crabtree would have been able to hold onto the football either. To the best of my knowledge if a pass is deemed to be catch able and there is holding on the play, the refs should call it.

Tell us what you think, did the Ravens win the super bowl because the refs missed a call? Or is Jim Harbaugh just a sore loser? Leave you comments below and tell us what you think. It will be interesting to read what the public have to say over this one….


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