Rashard Mendenhall laid it all on the line when he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then came the knee injury and the organization turned their back on him. Think about that.

The guy played in two Super Bowls. He was a solid running back for Pittsburgh, then comes the injury and the Steelers walk away from him and now Mendenhall is walking away from the NFL.

Pittsburgh is one team that prides itself on being loyal to their players. It isn’t the case these days. Mendenhall could have done more for the Steelers and they let him go.

Sure, he played for the Cardinals last season, but the feeling he must have had when Pittsburgh turned their back on him must have been awful. You have to wonder if this played into his decision to retire from the game at only 26-years-old.

Do you think if he was still in a Steelers uniform he would be retiring? I wonder what he would have done had he not been abandoned by the team he thought he could call home.

Mendenhall could have made a difference to the Steelers season last year. He could have helped them establish a running game, something they needed.

Instead, the team found it better to walk away from Mendenhall and now he is walking away from the game of NFL football.

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  1. bob graff

    I find it interesting that some people feel the Steelers have found there groove in the run game while other like myself still see them as a very poor running team.

    • LG

      found their groove? are u kidding me, they were no where near as good as a running team as they once where. That’s part of the reason Ben takes a beating.

  2. Louis Kingsberry

    He wasn’t that good spin to much didn’t hit the hole hard enough

  3. Louis Kingsberry

    But I don’t think teams are loyal to players Hines Ward Steelers great receiver couldn’t get his last year & he played hard every game

  4. The Dude

    Wow, this “article” really takes all responsibility off of Mendenhall doesn’t it? Also, it assumes that Pittsburgh is a great place to call home while playing for Arizona must suck.

  5. JS

    Mendenhall didn’t play in 2 SB’s. He didn’t play after the first game his first year, sitting on the sidelines during SB XLIII. In SB XLV, he fumbled the ball and possibly was the cause if losing the game. Ever since then, he hasn’t played well and couldn’t even maintain his first string position. If I were the Steelers, I would have ditched him too!

    • LG

      He still went to 2 of them. That is more than some will ever do….

  6. Vincent Mcelroy

    He was unteachable! The Steeler coaches tried their best to get him to hit the hole with a burst,but he just couldn’t do it! He hesitated way too much and it cost him his job! The fumjble in the superbowl that would have given the Steelers the edge against Green Bay didn’t help either!

  7. Anonymous

    This is a ridiculous post not worth consideration.

    • LG

      Funny you seem to be the only person that feels that way. Everyone else voices an opinion.


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