When you look at the way the Pittsburgh Steelers played against the Tennessee Titans yesterday, it is difficult to see anything good. They can’t protect their quarterback and if this continues Ben Roethlisburger is not going to make it through the season. He was sacked 5 times.

The Steelers had no running game that the Titans respected. When was the last time we saw a Steelers team that only rushed for a total of 32 yards for a game. Yet they thought cutting Dwyer was a good thing to do. Now they are running back to Jonathon Dwyer with their tails between their legs and resigning him.

At least they came to their senses before going into next weeks game. The Steelers are doing the right thing by reaching out to him. There is no way team’s are going to give Big Ben time to throw without a threat in the rushing game. Pittsburgh is still going to have other issues to tend to.

They have to find a way to get their offensive line to protect Roethlisburger. If they can’t keep him on his feet, he isn’t going to be able to complete many passes now is he. The Steelers need to get their defense together too. If they can’t stop a team from running all over them, they aren’t going to be able to get the time of possession on their side.

The Steelers played their best football when they were able to control the game. The way things looked yesterday they weren’t in control of much. Signing Dwyer back to the team should help, but it is just a band aide and the team is going to need more than him this season.


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