Did the Philadelphia Eagles jump the gun, cutting DeSean Jackson over the alleged gang connections?  Some Eagles fans can’t understand why the team would cut a pro-bowl wide receiver, who could clearly help the team win.

The Eagles could have reacted too harshly by cutting Jackson out-right. But look at what happened in New England. The last thing the Eagles as an organization wanted, was another episode of like what happened last season with Hernandez.

Jackson is a great football player. His off field antics could have cost him his job in Philly, but within minutes of his release, his agent was contacted by other teams who showed interested in the wide receiver.

The story about Jackson’s gang connections was led by They are reporting that Jackson has ties to a L.A. Gang that has connections to two homicides.

The report,also stated Jackson was arrested in 2009 for a marijuana charge that was not previously known about.

Is this reason to cut Jackson? Others in the NFL have been busted for pot. It is what Jackson is doing these days that should be counted, not something that happened 5 years ago.

There is no prof that Jackson had anything to do with the alleged homicides. Yet, the Eagles took a strong stand and got rid of Jackson.

Was he treated fairly? No! This is the way the Eagles handled the situation and there was little Jackson or his people could have done about it.

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