The Miami Heat are playing physical basketball, the problem is many think the Heat have crossed the line and are committing very questionable fouls. The Heat seem to have sent hit men into the game to take out Pacers players with what people are calling cheap shots. The NBA has got to take some action before the next game. People can clearly see how the Heat has been putting hits on the Pacers players that have nothing to do with going after the ball.

Indian’s Lance Stephenson took an elbow to the throat late in the fourth quarter last night. The Heat were hit with 2 flagrant fouls and there could have been more if the Refs had any stones as Charles Barkley stated. The Miami Heat were down and being out played in this series before they turned to playing this physical. When you watch the game and it comes to an end and you have the TNT commentators talking about all the cheap shots taking place in the game and how the Heat players are purposely trying to cause injuries to the Pacers players then you have got a problem.

The NBA clearly likes the rating the Miami Heat gets because of the so-called big three. The question now becomes will the NBA turn a blind eye to how the Heat are playing these games or will they put the hammer down and try to control all the cheap shots the Heat are throwing.


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  1. Josh G

    So Indiana hasn’t played dirty the entire series? Funny how you just comment of Miami after Granger has tried to start a fight in every game with :dirty tactics”
    Either both teams are doing it or neither of them, You’re a moron if you think it’s just Miami.

    • LG

      Come on man, call me a moron you have got to be kidding me. Indians didn’t pull half the cheap shots the Heat has pulled…you have to be blind not to see it….


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