Derrick Rose sure has a lot to prove this season. After missing most of the 2012-13 season with a badly injured knee, he thinks he is now the best basketball player in the NBA. Some other players might have a few things to say about that. There is little doubt that Rose is a great player.

The best in the NBA is another subject. Rose has a lot to prove this season and to be the best he better come out swinging once the regular season starts. One time the Bulls had the best in the NBA and Rose has a ways to go before he passes up the reputation of MJ.

This season is going to be interesting, especially if Rose comes back and stays 100% healthy. He will face some of the best in the NBA and how he handles himself in game time situations will speak louder than his own words. It’s clear that Rose’s self-confidence level is running at full speed.

People want to see if Rose himself is ready to run on full speed after returning from a knee injury and if he can sustain the full season of punishment the NBA places on the human body. Rose might be the best if he comes back and plays the way he is capable of playing.

The trick is going to be proving it.

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  1. davem6267

    He has no chance to win anything. I will never be fan of a QUITTER


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