All James Harrison had to do to remain a Pittsburgh Steeler was lower his price. The man who played for the Steelers since 2002 wasn’t going to have any part of that. You have to wonder if Harrison is sick and tired of playing for the Steelers.

This off-season we are hearing from players about other players not doing their job on the Steelers defense. Ben Roethlisberger came out and said he hasn’t been aware of any problems in the Steelers locker room. Could it be that Harrison knows the Steelers are going to have to go through a major rebuilding process? Did Harrison choose to leave the Steelers because of all the nonsense taking place this off-season?

Why else would a guy who played so long for one team not help them out by lowering his asking price? Harrison could have still contributed to winning football games for the Steelers. Did he lose confidence in the team itself?  Harrison made a bold move not taking a pay cut.

To me, it looks like he has given up on the Steelers chances of being a force to deal with in the AFC North. Pittsburgh was so good for so long that Harrison knows the team has a lot of rebuilding to do. There is a lot of UN-certainty surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers this off season.

That is something we don’t normally see with the Pittsburgh Steelers…




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