Chip Kelly couldn’t wait to name Vick the starting quarterback for his Philadelphia Eagles. After last night it is becoming clear, Kelly should have waited a week longer. Foles played a great game at the quarterback position.

He completed 10 of the 11 passes attempted and he had 112 yards passing and a 2.2 yard per pass higher average than Vick did. Foles is making the argument that he could start for the Eagles.

Vick didn’t have a terrible night, he did have an interception and he threw for 184 yards and a touchdown. The Eagles did win the game and they are 2-1 on the preseason which we all know means nothing.

The Eagles rushed for 172 yards in the game against the Jaguars, Vick had 53 of those yards. He carried the ball 7 times and showed he could still get it done with his feet.

Foles didn’t show the ability to rush the football, he carried the ball 3 times and had minus 4 yards on the night. The Eagles defense had 7 sacks in the game. They are showing they can get pressure to the opposing teams quarterback.

Kelly has to be pleasantly surprised with what he is seeing from his defense. The Philadelphia fans have to be hoping that Chip Kelly picked the right starting quarterback. As the preseason goes on, Foles continues to prove he could get the job done.


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