It’s pre-season Cm Newton didn’t play very much. The Texans took advantage of the Carolina Panthers beating them 26-13. You have to wonder if the Panthers even care about the game. Cam Newton only played a short time in the game. It didn’t look like the Cam Newton people were ready to see, he was 2 for 6 and got sacked once for a 10 yard loss. Newton only had 17 yards in the game. This is not the Cam Newton that usually shows up for a NFL game. It goes to show you some teams don’t take these pre-season games seriously.

The Panthers were out-shined by the Texans in just about every class in this game. The Panthers didn’t look to sharp. The Panthers offensive line needs to find a way to protect the quarterback. Houston sacked the Panthers quarterbacks a total of 8 times for 64 yards. It is hard to throw completions when you are laying on your back.  If the Panthers are going to improve on the 6-10 season they had last year they are going to have to pick it up defensively. They still have trouble stopping the run. The Carolina defense gave up 174 yards rushing against the Texans and 220 yards passing.

Sure it is pre-season, the problem for the Panthers is they have a great quarterback in Cam Newton, he can’t get it done in the NFL by himself.

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