The Pittsburgh Steelers got beat the old fashion way last night. The Broncos defense was able to put pressure on Ben Roethlsiberger and sack him 5 times. The Pittsburgh offense look a little sluggish as they took on the Broncos, I wonder if the altitude got to them or the Steelers as a team just didn’t think the Denver defense was going to rise to the occasion like they did. One of the things that surprised me was when Roethlisburger had the Steelers inside the Broncos 5 and they threw the ball three times at the end-zone, why not hand the ball off to Jonathan Dwyer and let him punch it into the end-zone for the score, instead the Steelers had to settle for a field goal.

I think Jonathan Dwyer did a good job running the ball last night and he could do better given the chance. The guy proved he could move the ball and he could hit people too. The Steelers should have made this a much closer game than it was. It had to be the altitude that gets to the Steelers when playing at Mile High. On paper the Pittsburgh Steelers look like a better team than the one we saw get beat 31-19 by the age-less Peyton Manning and his Broncos.

It was good to see Big Ben hook up with Wallace for a touch-down, great to see Wallace back for the opening game. It is more than a little disappointing that the Steelers didn’t do better than the result.  I though the game would be much closer than it was. The way Roethlisberger was controlling the ball and using the clock at the same time, I thought the outcome was going to be different. The Pittsburgh Steelers have to do a better job protecting Roethlisburger than we saw last night. Pure and simple the Steelers should have been able to play a much tougher game and they should not have been beat 31-19 by the Broncos….They had to underestimate the Denver defense….


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  1. ummmm

    umm, who wrote this article? 3 of the sacks came on the last ‘hail mary’ series.
    Offense looked sluggish? Ben didn’t have any trouble finding WRs and threw the same yardage and TDs as Manning. PIT convered 11 3rd downs keeping Manning off the field for an hour at one point during the game.

    Underestimate? No.
    It’s more of a combo of first game, altitude and missing Harrison and Clark.

    • LG

      I wrote the article, a sack is a sack who cares where they come from, the point is the O-line needs a little help and the Steelers certainly didn’t need more injuries to it either. I saw the Steelers keep Manning off the field for a long time too, I think the game should have been closer….

      • Anonymous

        A sack is not just a sack, the responder is correct in asking who wrote this crap. The Steelers got beat by a good team, BUT it was more the fault of not having Clark and Harrison, and the line still not fixed due to new injuries. BEN was out of this world on 3rd down. It is true the 3 passes at the 3 yard line were wrong, I was screaming at the TV myself. Bens offense was greeeeat!,The running backs were weak, and the line did not protect and open holes.

        • Gary Hench

          LG is very good at seeing the glass half empty vis a vis, half full. Specific where he wants to be and vague where he needs to be to provide the half empty scenario

          • LG

            Thanks Gary for taking the time to read the article and for leaving a comment…I try. Would you like to write and cover the Steelers? I am serious too…


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