Carmelo Anthony looked like he was going to be on fire today. He scored 42 points before he was held to taking just 2 shots in the 4th quarter today. It may be hard to believe that a 40-year-old man took control of Carmelo in the 4th quarter. The New York Knicks were beaten by the Los Angeles Clippers, 102-88 in a game that looked like Melo was going to be unstoppable in.  Grant Hill led the defensive effort that stopped Anthony in the 4th quarter. The guy is old, but he can still play some mean defense.

Anyone who doubts Hill’s defensive ability just needs to interview Melo, I am sure after Hill held him to just 2 shots for the final quarter today he would be glad to tell you how good Hill really is. The Knicks were just out played today. The Clippers scored 31 points in the final period and held the Knicks to just 18 points. Taking Carmelo out of the game was huge for Hill and his his Clippers. They were able to easily put the game away once they took Melo out of his rhythm. You do have to admit it is kind of odd to see Melo held to just 2 shots by a 40-year-old guy.

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