It was August 15, 2013 when Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh briefly introduced him to the Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. It was the preseason and Suh didn’t have the chance to pay more visits to the aging second year quarterback. The team’s only let their starter play for the first quarter or so.

Suh did plant a good hit on Weeden, he left him wondering about what would take place the next time the 2 of them meet face to face on the football field, it was some kind of message Suh delivered. This Sunday Suh will have the opportunity to pay a few more visits into the Browns backfield.

He could use this game to pad his stats. The Browns offensive line won’t be able to contend with Suh the way the packers did in last weeks game. Weeden is by no means an Aaron Rodgers and he holds the ball far longer than an NFL quarterback should.

This will allow Suh time to make his way into Weeden’s face. He should be able to break through the line with the time Weeden takes to get rid of the ball, and he should have no problem reintroducing himself to Mr. Weeden come Sunday. Weeden has only played 3 games and has been sacked 16 times this season.

If Suh can get pressure in this guy he will cause him to make a ton of mistakes and Weeden could start throwing the ball to the wrong spots allowing the Lions to make some interceptions. It should be a great opportunity for the Lions and Suh to pad their stats.

The Lions fans have to be licking their lips wondering how many sacks Suh will come out of the game with.  If he can bring pressure the Browns quarterback throughout the game, this game will be like taking candy from a baby.



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