The Detroit Tigers might be the best team in the A.L. Central but what is going to happen when and if they reach the world series? Last season they didn’t have a good showing at all in the big show. Last night Justin Verlander proved he struggles against good team’s.

Verlander only pitched for 5 inning before the Tigers dropped their second game in a row. He gave up 4 hits and 5 earned runs in the game. He only stuck out 3 and he walked 3. Is the contract extension getting in Verlander’s way this season.

He isn’t having the type of year you would expect from Verlander. Maybe the Tigers should have waited until the season ended before they gave him such a large contract extension. The team is going to need him to crack down and pitch well if they are going to capture the World Series this season.

Verlander is 12-10 on the season and he already has more losses than he did 2 years ago at this time. The Tigers have to help Verlander find a way to bring out his best stuff in the big game. Playing Oakland and losing with Verlander on the mound is not a good sign of things to come.

If Verlander can’t find his way back to the Verlander he was, the Tigers are going to have a tough post season and Verlander will get labeled as the guy who can’t perform well in big games.

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  1. Harold Smith

    Since he just missed that No-No this year he’s been really struggling!!!


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