He is one of the American Leagues most dominant pitchers. Yet, Justin Verlander can’t control the bats in the Cleveland Indians line-up. Each time Verlander faces the Indians, they are able to hit him. Last night was no different. Verlander gave up 4 runs on 6 hits and struggled with control problems.

He walked batters and struck out 7. The Tigers lost the game to Cleveland 7-6. Verlander has no answers for the Indians. It is almost like Cleveland can’t wait to face the big-man. Verlander has a way of dominating when he pitches, that isn’t the case when he faces the Indians.

Over the past 2 season’s Cleveland has played well against the pitcher who become one of the highest paid players in Major League Baseball shortly before the season started. Yet, when he faces the Indians, he can’t find his control.

To walk as many batters as he does when playing Cleveland, it shows Verlander is trying to be too precise. Usually when he pitches, he just stands in there and lets it rip. Not the case against Cleveland. One day Verlander may be able to figure it out. For the time being the Cleveland Indians can only hope they get to face Verlander each time they face the Tigers.



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