The Detroit Tigers lost to the Tampa Bay Rays 4-2, three of the Rays runs were long ball given up by the once UN-hittable Justin Verlander. The Tigers once would automatically get a win when Verlander got the start, those days seem to be gone. Verlander only pitched six innings last night and threw 120 pitches. This is not the Justin Verlander we saw in the 2011 season. The great Verlander is struggling this season. Verlander is 8-5 and isn’t the dominant pitcher he was in the 2011 season. There was very little chance of Verlander throwing 120 pitches in six innings last season.

Verlander had a habit of getting tougher last season as his pitch count climbed. This season he looks like he is having a tough time getting through the games he is starting in. Verlander still struck out 8 in last nights game, the three home runs he gave up did the damage. In Verlander’s defense it is tough to have two great season’s back to back in Major League Baseball. The Great ones can do it. I am not saying Verlander isn’t one of the great ones. I am saying he looks like a different pitcher this season when comparing him to last year. The Detroit Tigers are three games below .500 and they are five games back in the A.L. Central in third place only a game and a half back of the Indians for second place.

If Detroit is going to make a play-off run this season they are going to have to get a little more out of Justin Verlander. If someone would have said Verlander would surrender three home runs in one game people would have laughed. It is not so funny now.

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  1. Mike

    Verlander’s record is deceiving, his era is well under 3. One problem is run support it’s not there he gives up a few runs and is constantly pitching from behind. Can’t constantly win by yourself take take a good look at this team answers a lot of questions about Verlander

  2. Buddy

    I think you’re being a little too hard on Verlander at this time. I also think Verlander is being effected mentally by his team’s woeful lack of support defensively and offensively. If he were pitching for Texas this year he would likely have 12 wins by now.


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