There is a  huge reason the Detroit Tigers were able to come from behind and take the American League Central Division title. His name is Miguel Cabrera who just won the Triple Crown. Cabrera is the first to win the Triple Crown in the American League since 1967. This is a huge honor for the Tigers 3rd baseman and it is sure the biggest honor Cabrera has earned in his baseball career.

Before the game Tigers Manger Jim Leyland said this to the AP:

“I would say without question he’s enjoyed it. How could you not enjoy what he’s done if you’re a baseball player? I would also add to that I doubt very much, knowing him, that he necessarily enjoys all the extra attention, and all the extra conversations he has to have, it’s kind of out of his realm in personality”


Now the Tigers will focus on the play-offs. They hope to go further this season than they did last year. The problem could be the fact that it took Detroit until the last week to secure the A.L. Central, they won’t have that kind of time in the play-offs…


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