Look. Derek Holland is slowly coming down to earth, just like I thought he would. Every year he has real trouble repeating his mechanics from one start to the next and even from one inning to the next.

He tends to throw clothesline-straight fastballs which get slapped all over the outfield at the worst possible times resulting in blow-up innings and perturbed visits to the mound from Ron Washington.

None of that is going to change. Because Derek throws straight fastballs–even when they come in at 95 mph–he needs to be almost picture perfect in placing the ball where he needs to.

That can be done over five innings or so, but with him, sooner or later he puts the ball in the wrong place, the other team jumps all over him, and then things snow ball on him and he loses his composure.

To me, he’s not much more than a number three or four starter on a good staff–and perhaps a 2  or a 3 on a poor staff. Until  the Rangers recover the pitching depth they lost with the injuries to Felix, Perez and Harrison, they’re going to need to pile up runs. And with Hamilton now playing for the enemy–not to mention the 78 RBI’s (and counting) that they surrendered by letting Chris Davis go a couple of seasons back and Mike Napoli this past off season, they’re going to need to score early and often if they’re going to be successful. (In my opinion their first place record is fool’s gold…it won’t last…)


Hope I’m wrong, but Just Sayin’

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