We all saw what happened to the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl 48. What we didn’t see was Wes Welker giving his sideline speech to the team to try to rally the troops.

Welker put his raw emotion on display in this video that is being promoted by McDonald’s. We all knew Welker was an emotional guy, what we didn’t know was how much of a leader role he tried to put on display to his Denver Bronco teammates.

The Broncos needed something in SB48, it’s too bad they didn’t get fired up from Welker’s attempt at the leadership role. Maybe if the other Bronco players would have gotten as fired up as Welker was in this video, they could have stopped the Seahawks from kicking their butts.

You can see the video by clicking this link. Now Welker and his Bronco teammates are forced to go through the off-season knowing how bad they played in the biggest game of their season.

The Broncos are one of the best teams in the AFC and if they can play in 2014 the same way they played over the past two seasons, they could very well end up back in the Super Bowl again this season.

Hopefully next time the players will get as fired up as Wes Welker was in this sideline video…..


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