By Larry GLicken

The Broncos defense is already under scrutiny for what happened last season in the play-offs, now they are willing to continue playing games with  Elvis Dumervil. To take a chance at losing one of your best defensive players is not conducive of accomplishing the goals of winning football games.

Dumervil had 11 sacks in 2012, he is an impact player and to lose this guy is going to leave a huge hole that probably is going to take years to fill. Elway should have the deal done to keep Dumervil in Denver.

This weekend there are teams that can reach out and sign Dumervil. The Dolphins are in the mix and we know they could make an offer the Line-backer/ D.E. would love to have. Why Elway isn’t reacting with a stronger desire to keep him on the Broncos is anyone’s guess.

It makes me wonder id having a great offensive mind like Elway as the team’s G.M. is the right thing to do. He has to know the Broncos defense lost the game in the play-offs last season. If he thinks the Broncos defense can take a hit like losing Dumervil  and  the team can continue to win like they did in 2012, he has to have his head examined.

They is no way the Broncos will be as successful as they were in 2012 without guys like Dumervil on the roster. The Denver defense needs some improvements in the secondary but it they let a guy like Dumervil go, it is going to be much more than the secondary in need of repair.

Elway has to stop thinking with the team’s check book for a minute and he has to find a way to keep the services of Dumervil.  Yes John Elway offense can win football games, but the defense is what helps team’s stop the other team’s from beating you.


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