The Dallas Cowboys went on to beat the New York Giants just like team owner Jerry Jones said they would, one big reason why is the blocking of fullback Lawrence Vickers. When Murray was stuck trying to get the Cowboys a first down at 11:48 in the third quarter it was the veteran fullback Lawrence Vickers who would create the running space Murray would need to pick up a critical first down. These kind of things create momentum for the Cowboys, on that drive Dallas would find the end-zone with a touchdown pass. I Vickers isn’t there to give Murray a block to get the first down the Cowboys would have had to punt the ball away.

On another run, Murray was going to be tackled for a loss behind the line of scrimmage and  Lawrence Vickers looked like he directed Murray to daylight, Vickers would go into the defense backwards blocking two to three guys at the same time allowing Murray to make a very nice gain. Jerry Jones went out and got Lawrence Vickers in the off-season because he believes in the roll of the fullback in the NFL. With a Lawrence Vickers on your team he gives you something to believe in, Vickers is a great add for the Cowboys running game and with his help Murray should have a great season.

Not only is Vickers a great blocking back, he give Romo an outlet out of the back field if he needs it. Finding Lawrence Vickers in the off-season gives the Dallas Cowboys a better running game and it showed last night as Murray rushed for 131 yards on 20 carries, that is a 6.6 yard average and when your running back can get that kind of yardage it helps your team control the tempo of the game.



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