With less than 24 hours until the green flag is scheduled to drop for the Daytona 500, the focus is on the injured fans that were taken to an area hospital. Initial reports had 5 race fans injured at the Daytona Motor Speedway. Updated reports say at least 12 persons were injured when debris from Larson’s car flew through the catch fence and hit people in the stands. Even one of Larson’s tires ended up flying through the fence and striking a fan.

Emergency crews were able to start helping the injured fans within minutes of the accident. 2 people are listed in Critical condition a a 3rd was already under going surgery. This isn’t the first time that fans have been injured when a car went airborne into the catch fence. It happen before at a NASCAR race in Martin-ville. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were injured at the Daytona Speedway today.

The maintenance personnel are already working on trying to repair the damage to the fence at the speedway.  One thing is for certain they will not start the Daytona 500 until crews can make the necessary repairs to the fence.

Of the people injured, six met the condition of trauma patients reports suggested.


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  1. Cedric

    I hope the injured spectators survive, and recover. The greed factor by the drivers in NASCAR, and their big egos, and relatively small brains are a recipe for this sort of disaster. You don’t the F-1 guys and gals tearing up their equipment at the level these stock car drivers. Should be called what it is..CRASHCAR.

    • A Very Proud Nascar Fan

      Grow up and get a life! Accidents happen, hence they are called accidents! Yes , it is terrible but the drivers are not at fault! Signed a very proud nascar fan!

    • Anonymous

      thats racing and this is a freak accident. You can walk across the street and your chances of getting hurt are higher. This had nothing to do with peoples egos. Obvious you are not a fan

    • Anonymous

      Last time F1 raced at Indy there was like 4 cars on the track. I guess that was for the “good of the spectator” huh?

      • MARK


    • Anonymous

      please explain how greed caused or otherwise had anything to do with this wreck?

    • A Devoted NASCAR Fan

      First my thoughts and prayers go out to the injured fans. I agree with the other fans below. Yours must be the size of a pin head!!!! The The drivers of NASCAR are very caring people. They care about each other. NASCAR and its officals. But They care about the fans the most!!!!!! You want to talk about Greedy Egotistical people with small brains. The other sports teams mentioned by the other NASCAR fans that replied. Have you heard the drivers BOO HOO That I don’t make enough money! So i’m not driving till I get paid more! Or When have you heard of A NASCAR DRIVER Beating up or Killing their Wives or Girl Friends ? SO Think with your pin head brain before you open your BIG MOUTH !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Terry and Susan O'Dell

    We are praying for the people that were injured in the stands and hope for a positive and speedy recovery, but it could have been a lot worst if not for the research and safety practices that NASCAR institutes at every track and every event on the curcuit, Just the fact that this driver walked away from this horrible crash gives testament to fact that the safety built into these race cars.Kudos for Mike Helton and Bill France Jr. Sincerly Terry and Susan O’Dell!!!

  3. Hgimd

    Greed and big egos? Are you for real? If you want to talk about greed, look at the salaries that Baseball, Basketball and Football players make and they aren’t taking their lives in their hands. These men love racing so much that I truly believe that if they didn’t have families to support, they would do it for nothing.


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