Since when did a league commissioner start making the decisions about who is going to play and when they are going to play for the teams they play for? Never in the history of sports have I seen a commissioner of a sports league dictate who should be playing in the games. That has always been left up to the in-divisional teams and their coaching staff.  It was clear that Gregg Popovich made a decision on who he wanted to play and he sent a few guys back to get some rest.

How does David Stern get to issue a fine for 250 grand in a situation like this? Stern has lost his mind. Each team and their coaches should be able to play the athletes they want to play and sit the guys they want to sit. The next thing we know Stern is going to start telling teams which guys he wants to play in which games. This is a very dangerous situation for the N.B.A. and to let Stern get away with this is a travesty of in-justice. The next thing you know Sterns is fixing games by stating what talent he wants on the floor in any given game.

David Stern is over-stepping his boundaries as the N.B.A. commissioner and he is over-stepping them by a lot. This is a serious scenario he is setting up and the mus-conceptions could be huge. Someone has to step up and stop Stern from ruining the N.B.A.. He has no business telling people who should be playing and in what games they should be playing n. For decades that decision has always been left up to the coaches not the N.B.A. commissioner.

This all started when Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sent four players—Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green—back to San Antonio before the final day of a stretch with four games in five days. They were also without forwards Kawhi Leonard and Steven Jackson because of injury. Popovich did what he said was best for his team. This is his decision and his alone, the NBA commissioner should have no say in this situation none at all. Popovich is the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, he knows how his players are feeling and when they need to be rested. He runs the team and Stern has no right to say anything about it.

If I were in the Spurs front office I would challenge this fine and take it to the courts. There is no way the Spurs should pay this fine. Stern has lost his freaking mind.


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