How many years have we been watching Big Papi wreak destruction on playoff opponents? David Ortiz is one of those guys you can always depend on. He has hammered the Rays and because of his power the Red Sox have really taken the air out of Tampa Bays balloon.

Ortiz lives for moments like these in his MLB career. He never give in and he never gives up. He has reserve power that he finds at the most opportune times. His home runs in this series has shown once again that he has what it tales to help his Red Sox win baseball games.

There is no pitcher in major league baseball that is happy to face Ortiz, they are liars if they say otherwise. Ortiz puts the fear of god into the pitchers he faces, especially with the game on the line. If he can stay healthy, he can help the Red Sox get through the play-offs and into the big show this season.

His confidence level is that high. He believes in his abilities and it shows in each at bat. He has been in baseball doing what he does for so long, there is no reason for him not to trust his capabilities.

Ortiz is that good and he shows it in every game he plays in.




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