Darrelle Revis has dropped his price to 12 million dollars and signed a one year deal with the New England Patriots. Revis, who was cut earlier today by the Buccaneers, was reportedly offered the same sum of money to join the Cleveland Browns.

You can see by his actions, he had no intention to sign a deal in Cleveland. He caught a flight to New England and met with the Patriots brass. It didn’t take very long for Revis to come out with a deal that keeps him at the top of the NFL Corner-Back salary chain.

Now the Patriots have a guy in their defensive secondary that can help the team win games. The Patriots are hoping to see the Revis of old, once camp gets under way.

Revis was only on rental to Tampa Bay. Talk about taking advantage of a bad situation, the Jets took a 1st and and 4th round pick to get Revis.

If I were a Tampa Bay fan I would be extremely pissed. The Buccaneers gave up way to much to have a guy for a matter of months.

Now with Revis heading to New England, Revis expects to prove the he is well worth the money. 12 million dollars is nothing to sneeze at. Revis better earn his money this season if he expects to be back in a Patriots uniform in 2015.


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