With a record of 0-7, it’s time for Darrelle Revis to stop worrying about what people think of the Tampa Bay coaching staff and start worrying about how to play defense.

The Buccaneers defense stinks this season. They can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass, they suck overall. Revis should be a leader on the team.

He should be standing up and showing his defensive teammates the kind of determination needed to become winners. Revis is turning into a poor example of a pro.

His responsibility to his team is just as important as the coaching staff. Revis is on the field playing, not the head coach or the other coordinators.

Revis and his teammates need to man up and justify why they make the money they are getting paid to play in the NFL. The entire defensive unit of the Buccaneers sucks this season and this is one big reason they are losing.

Until Revis turns into a leader the Buccaneers need, he is just another cry baby in the long list of NFL cry babies. Take a stand, man-up and help your team get the job done.

Earn your pay checks. Otherwise you are just stealing the money from the team. The way the defense is playing in Tampa Bay, no one deserves paid.

They should all be on incentive based contracts. Then we would be seeing some wins in Tampa Bay. Revis, it is time to stand up and lead.



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