The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to pull off a trade for the 28-year-old corner-back Darrelle Revis. Who in their right mind is willing to trade for a guy who makes that kind of money. Revis is getting up there in NFL years and last season wasn’t anything special for Revis.

He only had two interceptions and he made 43 tackles. Sure we can make the argument, they don’t throw is his way in the NFL, but that is a weak argument at best. Revis has priced himself right out of the NFL. No one wants to pay a corner back that kind of money these days.

Unless this guy restructures his deal, he could soon find himself on the outside looking in. By the time 4:00 today comes, we should find out something concerning the future of Revis in Tampa Bay.

It’s too bad the Cowboys are against the wall with cap space. Revis is just the type of player a guy like Jerry Jones would love to have on his team

But at 16 million dollars, the Cowboys can’t afford him. Somehow Revis has to seriously restructure his deal. If he wants to continue to play in the NFL, he has to become affordable to the teams. His best days are also behind him. He simply isn’t playing up to the potential that got him all this money.


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