Danica Patrick held true to her words, She didn’t want to just stay in-line and ride to the finish in the Coke Zero 400. She said before the race she would be more aggressive and if she had a chance to win she would take it.

That is just what the young lady did. She tried to make a move going to the outside before losing control of her car and crashing with only 1 laps left to go in the race. Patrick would finish in 14th place and out of the top ten.

She drove a good race for the most part. She would run as high as 4th in the race and could have had a chance to make a run for the line if she didn’t crash the car. While her crew was trying to repair the car to load onto her hauler she would watch the replay on a large screen TV next to the car hauler.

Patrick looked confused as to what exactly happened that would cause the multi-car crash with a lap to go. She had this to say after watching the replay; “It felt like I just ran along the wall, but it looked like it could have been me that came down in front of (David Gilliland), it definitely wasn’t what I was trying to do at all, I was just following Dale Earnhardt Jr., so if that’s what happened, I definitely apologize. I lost spots doing it. All in all, a solid day.”

She should apologize, she caused a crash that took a few others out of their finishing spot too. Patrick has to learn how to be aggressive without crashing the car. She can drive the car just fine as long as she stays in line, it is when she tries to make a move there is problems.

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  1. Ralph Wiggam

    Danica crashes during a race. In other news the sun rises in the east and water is wet.

  2. jwbah

    Wind sheer, wind sheer, wind sheer Dummies!


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