Style my be something Danica Patrick knows something about, after all she is a very beautiful women. What she may not know anything about is winning on the NASCAR circuit. Patrick has yet to find the winners circle, she has yet to finish in the top ten consistently. Now that NASCAR is changing some rules and changing the styles of the cup cars, Patrick thinks she will be able to win. Excuse me Miss Patrick, it is going to take more than just some changes to the car to help you win out there. These good old boys drive rough on the NASCAR circuit. I am not saying you can’t win, I am saying you are going to have your work cut out for you.

So many things have to go right on the track for a driver to win. You have to have a great car, a great pit crew and some luck. Patrick has 2 of those three requirements but she may be lacking in the luck department. Patrick has had her share of tough luck and she has had her fender benders out on the race track. It isn’t a matter of her not knowing how to drive, it is a matter of her just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Those NASCAR’s run so close together that one mishap and 10 to 20 cars can be taken out of a race. Patrick has been caught up those mishaps before and I am sure she will be caught up in them again. It is the nature of the best. With NASCAR turning to the The new Gen-6 car, it means that she is starting on a more level playing field. It won’t take long for all the top teams to find some sort of edge. That is what racing is all about.

Danica may think she is going to be even with those guys, but until she finds the winners circle I still give the edge to those good old boys. After all it is in there blood to go out there and run on the NASCAR Circuit.



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