This weekend Danica Patrick will return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a place she knows very well. The problem for Patrick is she knew the track well in a car that weighed a 1/3 of what her NASCAR weighs. How is this little tiny petite woman going to handle the flat turns at the Speedway with a car that weighs 3 times what her Indy car weighed?

It will be a wonder if she can finish the race. She is going to s super speedway in a car that is going to knock the heck out of her and she will get too tired to be able to last the 400 miles. The track is not built for NASCAR and Patrick isn’t either. Danica may have more laps around Indy than most, but this weekend is going to test her in every way possible.

The Indianapolis Motor speedway is going to put all the NASCAR drivers through the test. It will be hardest on the woman in the group. This is not a place to take lightly, Patrick is going to have to be on her toes so to speak to be able to make it around the 2-1/2 mile track.

Patrick first showed up at Indy in 2005. She may have even been able to win a race once in the Indy car had she not ran the car out of fuel. Patrick knows Indy, but she doesn’t know it in a NASCAR. Patrick said; “I don’t care what I drive around Indy, I love being there.”

Lets hope the track loves her being there as well and isn’t too tough on her. She is going to need a few breaks if she expects to finish this race.

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