NASCAR driver and we use the term loosely when it comes to describing Danica Patrick as one of them, didn’t fare to well at the Brickyard 400. Patrick has years of experience driving around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Her experience unfortunately came in an Indy car and not a 3400 lbs NASCAR. She proved to the world that experience on a particular race track means nothing when you’re driving a different kind of race car.

Patrick couldn’t even finish on the lead lap, she finished the race 2 laps down in 30th place. She is given the best equipment by a top-notch team and she can’t do any better than this at a place she drove for years.

It is a shame the team lets her drive their car at a super speedway. Patrick had a tough time of it at Michigan too. The only place she did well was at Daytona. She doesn’t belong in NASCAR. She is only there to bring people into the sport.

Judging by the way the stands looked at Indy during the race, that’s not working so well either. Patrick should have stayed with what she knew. It is taking her too long to grow accustomed to handling the power of a NASCAR.

She isn’t built to handle those race cars. She is wasting a spot on a team that should see their car do better at a place like Indy. Why they continue to let Patrick embarrass them is anyone’s guess. They may think she is cute for now, but sooner or later the sponsors are going to complain.

When they do, the team could drop Patrick faster that a hot potato. She is completely out-classed by the people who know how to handle a NASCAR.



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  1. AM

    And the irony is that her teammate won the race, but he will have to look for job by the end of this season.

  2. garlou

    Someone should start looking at Jennifer long better driver alround , She would better if she the right equipment


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