Danica Patrick doesn’t like it when she isn’t the center of attraction. Missing the vote to be in the All-Star race, leaves her wondering how this happened. The allure of Danica Patrick in NASCAR is dying off., and Patrick doesn’t like it. She should have shown more skin in the Godaddy ads ran during this years super-bowl.

Sex is what has sold Patrick up until now, not her skill behind the wheel of her racecar. Patrick was once one of the most popular drivers in the sport. Somehow she always had the support of the fans, whether she wrecked her race car or not.

Not winning the fan vote to get her into the All-Star race Saturday night, is a blow to her over-sized ego. Patrick is starting to finally feel the pressure of losing her popularity. If she continues to sink in the fans eyes, you have to wonder how long it would be until she loses her ride.

In NASCAR, you need the money from the sponsors. Patrick has always been able to bring in the big-bucks because of her popularity. But now that she is starting to sink in the fans eyes, so will her sponsorship dollars. You can bet the sponsors were hoping to see Danica on the track  in the All-Star race.

This is why they spend huge chunks of money to support her terrible driving habits. Now that the fans are smarting up to Patrick, the sponsors aren’t going to get the ex-poser they dreamed of when signing up with her team.

It’s only a matter of time before Patrick finds a way to get naked enough to win back the fans vote. You watch and see, after missing the vote she will take it off to get it back on. Only Danica Patrick can do that in this sport……


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  1. Keegan Oliveria

    You and this article is a joke. Danica had never said any of this stuff nor thought any of this. She’s said on twitter how thankful she is for her fans and how much they support her. It’s people like you who write these articles that are low life’s, shameful, and in need of attention. Why don’t u go and write something that’s actually true.

    • LG

      Come on man, face it, Danica doesn’t belong in NASCAR in the first place. She can’t win and it is a major celebration if she finishes a race. Look at her past, if she didn’t show as much skin as she does, she wouldn’t have any kind of advantage…..

  2. Gerry

    You are a non starter for a writer. I would place Danica much higher on a scale of value than you 12 days a week. Get a life.

    • LG

      You’re probably one of the fans who would enjoy seeing some more skin from her….She sure didn’t get there by her winning races…..


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